Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow

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First Name * Stephen
Last Name * Chow
Username * ptmaster
Country * China
City Beijing
Nationality HAN
Languages ChineseEnglish



Availability: Freelance


Between year 2001 to 2008 I used to be a professional recording engineer, and to assist the publication of a large number of Chinese musicians, there was a lot of records, such as live recording, musical instruments recording.they were both more difficulty in recording area.

after that,My plan now is to produce the 3D movies. everything is beginning for not so easy but full of funny.I write the script and music,design the characters and scene,and try to contact the investors.

All my inspiration comes from dreams, I also believe and confirm some supernatural phenomenon. I hope that my film will be completed as early as possible, and share my dreams with you.


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